DirecTV Channel Guide

So if you’ve come to this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for a particular channel on DirecTV. Good thing we’ve got the complete list of DIRECTV channels. Just simply search for the channel you’re looking for (call sign or channel name) and our chart will instantly tell you want channel to tune into. And because this is satellite TV (not cable), the channel numbers are the same no matter what region you live in the United States.

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Now, it’s important to keep in mind that sometimes channels are removed, discontinued, or change their channel name. So don’t be surprised if you can’t find the channel you’re looking for, especially if it’s niche. Moreover, you might have to pay an additional monthly fee to access premium channels, such as HBO, Starz, Showtime and those alike.

We’ve also listed all DISH Network Channels for your review.

DISH Network Channel Guide

Looking for a channel on Dish? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You can either search the page for the channel your looking for, or just simply scroll through. But no matter whatever channel you’re looking for, be it HBO, to MTV, to A&E or Bravo, you’ll find it here.

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If you can’t find the channel you’re looking for, it’s likely that it no longer exists on DISH. Yes, it’s a sad fact. But every once and a while DISH and a channel can’t come to an agreement. There result is that Channel ends up removing their content. Why? At the end of the day it comes down to money. Plain and simple.

If you’re looking for a DIRECTV Channel Guide, then please visit this link.

5 Consumer Benefits of the DirecTV and AT&T Merger

By now you might have heard that AT&T bought DIRECTV. Yup, that’s right, AT&T now owns the satellite company, posing a serious threat to competitors. So that in mind, what are the benefits to you, the consumer, when it comes to a merger like this. Many in fact, and here they are.

Top 5 Benefits of the AT&T & DIRECTV Merger

1. Unlimited Data on AT&T Mobile Phone Plan

Announced last week during CES 2016, AT&T said if you get yourself a DirecTV plan of x, they’ll offer you unlimited data on your cell phone plan. Why is this a big deal? Unlimited Mobile Data is almost unheard of these days, with just a few carrier’s offering it. And even than it might not be true unlimited data. Moreover, the only folks that get unlimited data on AT&T these days are those that are grandfathered in from an old contract.

2. One Bill

More bills more problems, right? But seriously, one less bill is a big win in my book. Now with AT&T buying DirecTV your bill for both services can be unified. That means one less things to worry about, or in this case, one less thing to pay.

3. Bundle to Save Money

Now, thanks to the newly minted AT&T/DirecTV deals, when you switch to AT&T and grab a qualifying DirecTV plan, you’ll score yourself $500 in credits on y our AT&T wireless plan. And as mentioned, since you can now receive one bill, your saving $500 on either service. Make sure to read the fine print, as you’ll need to trade in an old device and port your number from another carrier. But that’s all easy stuff.

4. AT&T Uverse And NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL is huge. However, to get access to all the games you had to buy NFL Sunday Ticket. More importantly, you had to have DirecTV, leaving cable subscribers and Dish customers out in the cold. Now, in the near future, AT&T Uverse customers will gain access to NFL Sunday Ticket. Sure, you’ll still have to pay for it, but at least you’ll have the option to do so and you won’t have to switch to DirecTV, at least not any time soon.

5. More Tech

AT&T knows tech, so does DirecTV. Now combining both companies means that their tech can merge. In this case, AT&T will continue to roll out their Fiber offering. In fact, the merger deal requires that AT&T expand their fiber to 12 million more customers, bumping fiber distribution to 40% in the US.