DISH Network Review

DISH Network has become a popular name in the world of satellite television in recent years. Much of this is thanks to the variety of programming options and DVRs it offers. However, there are a few drawbacks that must be addressed as well as they can often entail some big charges depending on what the customer orders.

Basic Points

DISH Network has become a popular contender in the world of satellite television thanks to how it offers a large variety of channels. There are close to 300 different channels for people to look forward to including various movie channels, local sports channels and a variety of family-oriented channels.

Dish offers these channels to people all around the country. These include people in rural areas that might not have easy access to cable networks. It only takes a simple satellite dish and receiver to get things going.

A Variety of DVRs

The DVR choices that people have to choose from when looking for DISH programming are extensive. Dish offers a number of DVR options that can handle HD signals and hours of programming.

The Hopper line of DVRs is the most noteworthy set to look for. This line can record up to six HD networks during primetime hours and can link up to four television sets through smaller receivers called Joeys. Hopper models can handle up to 2 TB of data as well, thus ensuring that people will not be at much of a risk of running out of programming thanks to this model.

Good Packages

The packages that are available from DISH include a variety of options that cater to all sorts of interests that people have. These include packages that are available for as little as $20 per month.

People can choose to order different premium network packages as well. These include packages for HBO and Showtime. Sports subscription packages are also available including MLB Extra Innings, a service that gives people access to every baseball game in the season.

What Issues Are There?

While there are plenty of positives involving DISH Network, there are a few issues. For instance, the deals that are available require people to sign into two-year contracts that are not too easy to break out of. The introductory rates are only good for about a year as well, thus resulting in higher charges that can total close to a hundred dollars per month depending on what appears here.


Also, there’s a need to get a satellite dish installed on a proper space on the property to ensure that the signals for all of one’s networks can be received. Also, there are times when weather conditions and flares can make it to where the signals that come from the satellite may not be easy to get into.

Also, not all channels from DISH are in HD. About 200 of the 300 or so channels that Dish has to offer are actually in HD. There are no 3D channels available either.


Overall, DISH Network is an appealing option to look forward to when finding a good television option. This service is efficient for all regions and provides people with the freedom to watch and record television from all spaces around the house. The Hopper DVR series is especially valuable and worthwhile for those with larger properties that want to enjoy television on everyone’s own terms.