Directv Is Finally Getting 200 HD Channels

DIRECTV have apparently joined the very elite in the world of cable and satellite television operators because they are finally, truly offering 200 High-Definition channels. The consumers of today might not be able to perceive the significance of this, but the pay television industry was starkly different 7 years ago.

Cable and satellite television operators were busy competing against one another to offer the most High-Definition channels. Back then, HD programming was a very major deciding factor for consumers when they would subscribe to a particular TV provider.

HD Programming

Indeed, High-Definition programming was the equivalent of what streaming is today and it mattered everywhere, whether Cloud storage, Mobile video, Multi-room DVRs, or TV. When it came to choosing a TV provider back in 2009, the thing that meant the most to consumers was High-Definition programming. Providers offering the most HD channels would wind up being the preferred choice, but there were actually not many of them.

As a result, launching phoney marketing campaigns had become somewhat of a norm for pay television operators. It enabled them to deceive and mislead consumers that they were offering better quality and a greater number of High-Definition channels than their competitors.

For instance, despite not joining the HD revolution, Comcast launched a marketing stunt claiming that their “HD choices” were far more than those being offered by others. The truth was that they were not actually offering more High-Definition channels; rather they had more on-demand HD programs. The fact of the matter is that even DIRECTV and Dish were offering far more High-Definition networks than Comcast.

Marketing Issues

Even DIRECTV had launched a sham of a marketing stunt implying that they would be offering 200 High-Definition channels back then, which was not the case. There were merely creating the ploy and ruse that they actually had the capacity to offer 200 High-Definition channels. Surprisingly, DIRECTV succeeded in feigning consumers because within the next couple of years after that, they had a much larger subscriber base than before.

While 200 High-Definition was never actually available from DIRECTV in the past, they are certainly offering them now. DIRECTV’s website now actually is displaying the fact that they finally have more than “200 full-time HD channels.” In fact, there is even a chart on their website that points out that their competitor Dish is currently not offering 200 High-Definition channels. On their own website, Dish claim that they are actually offering 200 HD channels. These two providers had a similar dispute in the past back in 2010 and it went as far as a lawsuit that was eventually dropped.

While the debate continues to this day, it is no longer highlighted as prominently as it used to be in the past. Apparently, High-Definition programming has lost its significance to features like Net-based programming that are now preferred by consumers and pay TV operators are now focusing on them. TV Everywhere is one example of this.

Wrap Up

No doubt, consumers still also want High-Definition programming, but it is no longer the only feature that matters the most. Nonetheless, DIRECTV subscribers will not have to wait anymore because it is not a bogus claim this time; rather they are indeed offering 200 High-Definition channels.