Comcast vs Time Warner

We all have reasons why we prefer certain brands over others. This is no different when it comes to cable and satellite TV. Would you go for Comcast or Time Warner Cable (TWC)? While this decision could be largely determined by personal preference, comparing the two giant companies on the basis of some specific factors will help you make a more informed decision. Below is an insightful comparison: Comcast vs Time Warner

Before we begin the comparison, note that only one cable provider can service a particular geographical area.

1.Triple-service bundles

Both Comcast’s XFINITY and TWC have various triple-service bundles to choose from. XFINITY has 5 packages to choose from. They vary in HD offerings and range from $99 to $119.99 per month for the first 24 months. TWC has 3 multi-service packages to choose from. They range from $89 to $129 per month.

2.Internet Service

Comcast’s XFINITY provides download speeds that range from 25 Mbps to 505 Mbps. TWC’s speeds range from 3 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Well, there is a possibility of throttling. In a Comcast vs Time Warner ISP rating by Netflix, XFINITY averaged 2.10 Mbps and TWC 2.05 Mbps.

3. HD DVR Service

Both Comcast and Time Warner provide HD DVR at a flat monthly rate. Comcast’s price ranges from $15.95 to $26.95. A sign-up promotion will give you 6 months for free. The default service stores 90 hours of HD recording. TWC offers HD DVR for $22.99 per month. The whole house service gives you 75 hours of HD recording. Their DVR box is cheaper and stores 30 hours of HD.

4. Features

Let’s see who the boss here is: Comcast vs Time Warner features. Comcast’s XFINITY launched X1 in select markets to streamline and make the whole TV experience more interactive. It is a cloud-enabled platform. It allows for watching live and recorded programming on multiple devices. You can also use voice command to control your TV. You can record 4 shows at the same time and watch a fifth simultaneously.

TWC allows you to watch live on handheld devices and on your PC too. The whole house HD-DVRs allows you to watch one live show and record another simultaneously. You can also record 2 shows at once.

5. Channels

Both XFINITY and TWC boast over 200 channels on their top tier services. The number of HD channels varies according to market. Comcast has more HD channel packages.

6. Offers

Both companies have offers for new customers. TWC offers 6 months of HBO and Cinemax for $10 per month (or free Cinemax for 3 months.) Both also offer reward credits when signing up. Comcast offers prepaid Visa cards up to $250 while TWC Visa reward cards with a value of $200 when you switch from another provider.

All in all

Comcast vs Time Warner? You sit as the judge. You have the various ways in which you can compare the giants.