Best Satellite TV Providers

In actual sense, there are only two major players in the Satellite Television business. They are Dish Network and DirecTV.

1. DISH Network

DISH is one of the best satellite TV provider that offers competitive pricing in each of their seven plans.

DISH offers both Satellite TV and Satellite Internet. Dish Network is more affordable than its close competitor in the industry DIRECTV. DISH Network is loaded with several features and packages which includes music, movies, sport, live shows among others.

There are several benefits of using the DISH Network which includes an up-to-date technology in digital video recording with its Hopper TM brand.

The DISH viewing plan starts at $19.99 per month for the basic package and up to $89.99 monthly for the most extensive TV package. It is a fact to conclude that each of these plans is affordably priced particularly when compared with plans with several other Cable TV providers.

DISH has 320 Channels and offer better value compared to DIRECTV. The Dish Network has 52 Music Channels and 60 Sirius Satellite Radio Channels. DISH Network offers 75 Pay per view movies per month as well as several pay per view sports and special events. The dish network has a total of 7 channels dedicated to sports.

DISH Network surpasses DIRECTV in terms of number of international packages offered. The International packages offered by Dish Network includes African, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese among others.

Dish Network offers free equipment and installation in residential apartments depending on the credit rating of the customer as well as free DVR and HD receiver.

2. DirecTV

DIRECTV is a highly rated satellite TV provider due to its impressive programming and good DVR selection. Another factor that is responsible for the popularity of DIRECTV is its nationwide availability.

The Satellite TV provider features On Demand Movies, a growing selection of 3D content, pay-per-view and a high technology capacity in dynamic mobile viewing.

One of the reasons why DIRECTV is so popular with sport fans is that it is the only TV provider via which you can access the NFL Sunday ticket. DIRECTV offers 99% signal reliability. The Satellite TV has 285 channels to choose from and it offers more packages than the Dish Network. They also offer several shows and movies from HBO, Stars and Cinemax.

DIRECTV offers several subscription plans ranging from $34.99 to $99.99 per month depending on the customer’s chosen subscription plan.

The satellite television allows you to choose from several choice quality DVRs and it also offers the most advanced optio in performance because of the highly effective Genie.

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The Genie stands out in the satellite television industry in terms of performance and popularity. The Genie allows you to record as much as five shows at once and also enables you to store several hours of TV programming without worrying about storage capacity. The Genie has a storage capacity of 1TB. DIRECTV has several International packages which includes Chinese, Greek, Italian, Filipino, Russian, Polish among others.

One noticeable quality of DIRECTV is that it has wider coverage than the Dish Network. It also has more full time HD Channels compared to the Dish Network.

Wrap Up

Both satellite providers have pros and cons.  It truly comes down to money and perhaps football.  If the latter, then DIRECTV is your pick.  If not, then toss a coin and pick one of the two!

DirecTV Review

You have probably heard of satellite television provider DirecTV. However, you may not know the ins and outs of the company. This article is a short DirecTV review, and hopefully it will provide some insights and allow you to make optimal decisions about your provider.

The Benefits

DirecTV is one of the few providers that is available everywhere in the US (even Hawaii and Alaska!), so unlike traditional cable, no matter where you are, you can get a signal (with some caveats, see “The Disadvantages”).

It has a very diverse array of content, so you’re sure to never get bored. More recently, the company has added the Genie system to its hardware setup. This allows the user to record up to 1TB of shows and come back to watch them later. This is enough storage space for a large amount of content, even in High Definition. This technology can also record up to five shows at once, so you do not have to make a choice among shows to record.


DirecTV also has two specialties many companies do not have (such as their competitor DISH). First, they offer 3D programming. Of course, this can only be viewed if you have a compatible device, and only through a few selected channels. Second, they offer the NFL Sunday Ticket, the only way to legally view all your favorite NFL teams’ games.

Perhaps another drawing factor is the fact that the contract rate you receive upon registration is good for twelve months. This alleviates concerns about sudden skyrocketing in prices that can occur when some other companies acquire new channels.

While the Sunday Ticket is perhaps the most popular sports league subscription, it should also be noted that DirecTV offers many other guaranteed access sports subscriptions through other leagues, such as the NHL.

Finally, there are many channels and on-demand content available from DirecTV in the form of mobile apps that allow you access to parts of your television subscription on the go, wherever you have internet access.

Now that you’ve heard about some of the benefits, let’s take a look at some parts of the service that are not as desirable.

The Disadvantages

One disadvantage is inherent in the fact that DirecTV is a satellite provider. As you may know, storms or even high winds can disrupt satellite signal more easily than if you received television through cable. You should especially take this into account if you live in a windy area or an area prone to severe storms.

While DirecTV does offer a twelve month price guarantee, this is a double-edged sword. The company also requires each new member to sign a two year contract. This means that once you start service, you cannot cancel it without incurring additional fees. Perhaps this is due to the material investment the company makes.

The last disadvantage of the service is that you must allow the company to put a satellite dish somewhere around your home in order to receive the signal.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this review has answered some of your questions about DirecTV and allows you to make the best satellite tv choice for you and your family!