Has DirecTV App Upgrade Changed Dynamics In The Market?

AT&T is at again, and this time, they are here to offer their customers a better deal. After introducing their DirecTV services sometimes back, they are now at it again to enhance this service so as to remain on the top of the market. They are pushing the services further to enable their customer to have a better video streaming than ever before. In fact, they are offering what we call it one of the most modernized video streaming of this era. Just compare it with the rival, and you will see a clear distinction, particularly due to the ongoing work at AT&T. What makes the deal great is the fact that it does not in any way affect the data caps. In this article, we’re going to look at the changes that make service stand out and the criticism.

Latest Changes/Update

One crucial thing to note is that you need to note is AT&T did the upgrade without affecting the cost of data plans from their customers. Everything remains the same, but the customer will be benefiting depending on the data plan that they are subscribed to. Most of these changes affect DirecTV app as well as the U-Verse App. With the updated or the new app, the customers are able to stream live channels as well as watching recorded programs such as the on-demand content among others. The updates also allow you to review those recorded programs offline in case you couldn’t make it on time to watch your favorite show or movie.

These upgrades may sound familiar noting that numerous companies have been offering such services for a couple of years. But AT&T’s model is definitely one of the largest, and it goes without saying that DirecTV is one of the largest offerings around. It’s proof that streaming is really what we are going to. In fact, with this service upgrade, your experience in watching your favorite shows and movies will never be the same again. Their service quality will definitely dwarf the rest in the industry making AT&T a trend setter in satellite TV live streaming.

Has DirecTV Appss

But that’s not all the customers are excited about. According to the company, the customers’ data fee is not affected in any way. For instance, the customers who are on company’s Data Free TV services, their streaming ability will not be affected, and their mobile data caps will remain- that’s how awesome this service is. But a few people are looking on the other side of the coin by criticking the service.


But this massive upgrade has not gone without skepticism from different critics. Most of the new DirecTV’s service reviews have poked holes in this highly advertised service upgrade. It’s true that the services could be doing better than most of the rival, but you will identify find some flaws about it. First, most of the content watching on our mobile network will not affect data Usage’ has been challenged. Most of the users and critics have found it a little bit troubling. This has mostly affected the fans of net neutrality. The idea that AT&T is treating its customers far better compared to other mobile users, even if they are said to be accessing the same data in the same network has also raised a few tricky questions.

The second thing that has many people critic the service upgrade is the requirements needed for this deal. Most of the reviews refer to it as tricky. The company makes it clear that the access to the content varies by the package and that not all channels will be available. This simply means that the user is not guaranteed the ability to stream everything. What that means is that you may miss out in some of your favorite shows and movies. It’s also crucial to note that you need a DirecTV subscription above a certain tier.


Although there are numerous companies are providing similar packages, the upgraded DirecTV services stand out from the rest. All you need is just downloading the app and completing the installation process so as to enjoy the service. The quality of the services is top notch and indisputably among the best that on the market today. Although there are a few criticisms about the service, the overall performance of the upgraded service is impressive. This is definitely a service that will take your movie and TV shows viewing to another level.

DIRECTV vs. DISH The Guide to choosing the best

So, you have finally taken the decision of going with a satellite television provider and now the big confusion is do I opt for DIRECTV or DISH. Needless to say, both these companies provide similar packages, but there are some striking differences between them. If you are hunting for specifics as a subscriber to each provider, then you have certainly landed at the right place. In our DIRECTV vs. DISH review, we give a detailed rundown of their benefits and drawbacks and comparison in terms of pricing and hardware.

Weighing the pros of cons of DIRECTV vs. DISH is very difficult as they offer very similar programming packages. However, there are a few notable differences that can influence your decision to pick one service over the other. Now, each provider offers more than 290 available channels, 200 high definition channels, complete access to all the programs broadcasted locally along with 4K Ultra HD support system. Although this is a whole lot in common, but you can pick one over the other depending on preferences of viewing. One notable difference between the two can be spotted in the packages of the sports category they offer. Channels like MLB extra innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, Fox Soccer Plus, MLS Direct Kick and ESPN Game Plan are common to both. Common Pay TV options like NFL Red Zone and Fox Sports are also included among the packages of both the providers. However, DISH’s unique ranges of sports collection includes Racetrack television network and Outdoor sports. On the other hand DIRECTV has exclusive rights on NFL Sunday ticket that telecast every game of the regular NFL season. Well, DIRECTV is surely a winner at this point. However, it should be noted that each of these packages are only costly add-ons to their regular packages.


When we compared the basic packages from DIRECTV and DISH, we came to the conclusion that the Select package from DIRECTV is surely better. It offers more channels and they are better and superior than DISH’s Smart Pack. However, for the premium packages, we have to go with DISH. It includes all the popular channels from premium package of DIRECTV, but at a lesser price. But, if you want HBO, Starz and Showtime on your list, then we suggest opting for DIRECTV. It also boasts the most number of HD channels like ABC Family HD and Disney Channel HD while DISH fails to do so.

Last but not the least, the language supported by both the providers varies a lot. While DISH supports 29 different languages such as Tagalog, Urdu, Spanish and Italian, DIRECTV only offers 8 options. They include Brazilian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Filipino, South Asian and Vietnamese.

With DIRECTV, you get the flavor of NFL Sunday Ticket, albeit with an extra subscription cost. So, if you are looking for content rather than a specific language need as covered by DISH, we suggest going for DIRECTV.

In our DIRECTV vs. DISH hardware review, DISH’s Hopper comes with the capacity to save up to 500 hours of HD content if you are willing to shed out a monthly fee of $12. On the other hand, DIRECTV’s Genie offers 200 hours of HD programming at a monthly rate of $15. Furthermore, DISH’s Hopper comes with the provision of expanding internal storage with the use of USB devices. If you are not storing dozens of shows, DISH definitely scores our point for the day. We also came across a number of differences in the number of devices and streams the two boxes are built to support. With the DISH’s Hopper, you can connect up to seven TV’s, in a single setting and it enables 16 simultaneous recordings. When we go to the other side, DIRECTV’s Genie, supports a maximum of 8 TV’s, but allows only five recordings simultaneously. You need to connect mobile devices to the Genie to access Wi-Fi network. DISH’s Watch Anywhere does not come with such restrictions and you can view the same content anywhere you want.

To put it short and simply — DISH’s Hopper allows easy access to a number of devices and content. While DIRECTV offers a number of features like home security options and picture —in-picture own, DISH certainly carries our day for better hardware. For this reason, you simply need to evaluate your priorities in order to know which of the to would work for you.

Directv Is Finally Getting 200 HD Channels

DIRECTV have apparently joined the very elite in the world of cable and satellite television operators because they are finally, truly offering 200 High-Definition channels. The consumers of today might not be able to perceive the significance of this, but the pay television industry was starkly different 7 years ago.

Cable and satellite television operators were busy competing against one another to offer the most High-Definition channels. Back then, HD programming was a very major deciding factor for consumers when they would subscribe to a particular TV provider.

HD Programming

Indeed, High-Definition programming was the equivalent of what streaming is today and it mattered everywhere, whether Cloud storage, Mobile video, Multi-room DVRs, or TV. When it came to choosing a TV provider back in 2009, the thing that meant the most to consumers was High-Definition programming. Providers offering the most HD channels would wind up being the preferred choice, but there were actually not many of them.

As a result, launching phoney marketing campaigns had become somewhat of a norm for pay television operators. It enabled them to deceive and mislead consumers that they were offering better quality and a greater number of High-Definition channels than their competitors.

For instance, despite not joining the HD revolution, Comcast launched a marketing stunt claiming that their “HD choices” were far more than those being offered by others. The truth was that they were not actually offering more High-Definition channels; rather they had more on-demand HD programs. The fact of the matter is that even DIRECTV and Dish were offering far more High-Definition networks than Comcast.

Marketing Issues

Even DIRECTV had launched a sham of a marketing stunt implying that they would be offering 200 High-Definition channels back then, which was not the case. There were merely creating the ploy and ruse that they actually had the capacity to offer 200 High-Definition channels. Surprisingly, DIRECTV succeeded in feigning consumers because within the next couple of years after that, they had a much larger subscriber base than before.

While 200 High-Definition was never actually available from DIRECTV in the past, they are certainly offering them now. DIRECTV’s website now actually is displaying the fact that they finally have more than “200 full-time HD channels.” In fact, there is even a chart on their website that points out that their competitor Dish is currently not offering 200 High-Definition channels. On their own website, Dish claim that they are actually offering 200 HD channels. These two providers had a similar dispute in the past back in 2010 and it went as far as a lawsuit that was eventually dropped.

While the debate continues to this day, it is no longer highlighted as prominently as it used to be in the past. Apparently, High-Definition programming has lost its significance to features like Net-based programming that are now preferred by consumers and pay TV operators are now focusing on them. TV Everywhere is one example of this.

Wrap Up

No doubt, consumers still also want High-Definition programming, but it is no longer the only feature that matters the most. Nonetheless, DIRECTV subscribers will not have to wait anymore because it is not a bogus claim this time; rather they are indeed offering 200 High-Definition channels.

AT&T DirecTV Plan To Launch Streaming Service in 2017

AT&T which became the world’s largest pay TV company by acquiring DirecTV last year has announced its plans to provide internet-based streaming TV services from the fourth quarter of 2017. With these new services, the company is joining the over-the-top or OTT video race. Although the company has not announced any pricing or disclosed information about the content, analysts feel that the new products are designed to target new customers who already stream their TV shows and movies from platforms like NetFlix and Hulu.

Current Market

The three new internet TV services are DirecTV Now, DirecTV Mobile and DirecTV Preview. Most of the current content from today’s DirecTV will go into the Now package which will serve as the majority content provider among the three tiers. Customers will be able to access content using a wireless or wired internet connection. The Mobile service targets smartphone users who watch special made-for-digital content and videos directly on their mobile devices. This product range will be priced lower and will be provided to all users regardless of their carriers. Consumers who watch their content for free can opt for the third service, the Preview. This ad-supported option will have limited content featuring some programming available on DirecTV today including originals from the Audience network and video programming from the Otter Media.

AT&T will reveal the pricing only during the launch of these services. But by looking at what has been tabled so far, it is clear that these services will target customers who are price sensitive and those who don’t want the conventional pay TV services. The company has confirmed that the other similar services from its stable like the traditional satellite service from DirecTV and its own U-verse TV will not be affected and they would continue to offer their own programs. With this launch, AT&T believes that DirecTV will have a complete range of products including live programming and on-demand options from popular networks along with premium add-on options.

AT&T Hopes

AT&T is hoping that these new subscription models with flexible content, transparent pricing and multiple viewing options will attract a new segment of customers who are completely new to the pay TV ecosystem or have left the system after using it for some time. It also trusts that when its own pay TV customers want to opt out, these new services can serve as alternatives, thus keeping them under the wider AT&T umbrella. The telco also depends heavily on the 130 million mobile subscribers it has, to boost the new Mobile service offerings.

Wrap Up

AT&T’s offerings resemble Dish network’s Sling TV that provides streaming packages and content which does not require a satellite or a cable subscription. While the company has confirmed that it has finalized and secured initial content, it remains to be seen if it will be able to rope in all the four major networks and ESPN with HBO. If it succeeds in this, it will become the first OTT streaming media content provider to compete with the conventional cable providers. We have to wait for some more time to know whether this is just a packaging exercise from the telco or truly an extension of the pay TV segment.

Comparing Comcast and DirecTV

TV connection dilemmas anyone? Consider it absolved. This post aims to compare two popular TV service providers- DirecTV and Xfinity, by Comcast. While Comcast is the biggest cable TV network in the US, DirecTV is the most sought after satellite dish connection. Each service has its pros and cons. We’ve tried to cover it below.


DirecTV offers free installation for a two year deal while Comcast has no such deal. They charge an average installation fee of $50 which varies with self or professional installation.


DirecTV supplies 166HD channels throughout the country whereas Comcast has a maximum claim to 130HD channels, that too in selected regions.


Both networks come with On Demand libraries which give you the liberty to watch a lot more content (both paid and free) over the internet. Comcast seems to beat DirecTV here with their subscription offer for On Demand. This gives access to an enviable collection of TV content.

DirecTV does not have offer an On Demand library subscription but you can rent or pay for premium channels to access content on the internet.


With Comcast you can record four shows while watching another one. Its high end X1 HD DVR has 500GB space and can store 300hrs of SD and 60hrs of HD data.

Genie of DirecTV has a storage of 1TB and is competent to store 150hrs of HD and 400hrs of SD. You can watch 2 shows and record 5 more with Picture-in-Picture. A standard DVR like Comcast (DIRECTV with HD DVR) is also available with 500 GB space.

Additional TVs can be connected to the network by adding DVRs with both services.


Cloud based X1 platform of Comcast allows you to watch live and recorded shows on multiple devices in your house. XFINITY TV GO App lets you control TV recordings anywhere from your apple and android devices. What’s more, it lets you watch your favorite programs on xfinity.com/TV from any part of the planet. The XFINITY X1 remote App ensures you can use that Apple phone as a suave remote. More reasons to get Comcast. Comcast allows you video streaming through Xfinity Streampix

Play live, recorded or On Demand stuff on any device through DirecTV Everywhere in your homes. It has a similar phone to remote app and through GenieGo connected to your HD DVR, transfer recorded shows to your laptops and tablets.

Unlike Comcast, DirecTV does not give a choice to live stream programmes on your smart devices out of your house.


DirecTV comes only with two year contacts for new subscribers.

Comcast on the other hand doesn’t oblige with such time bound contracts. Seems to be ideal for people who move a lot.


DirecTV offers 140 TV channels including HD and local for $29.99/month. Comcast has two packages; a 10 local channel package for $30.15/month and economy package for 45 channels at a range of $19.99-$39.95/month.


Premier package of Comcast costs $99.99/month for first year to a subscription of 200 channels, whereas DirecTV offers 25 channels for $86.99/month for the first 12months.

Though DirecTV is a clear winner in the channels offered department, Comcast scores highly for service contracts, TV anywhere and On Demand options.

DirecTV Review

You have probably heard of satellite television provider DirecTV. However, you may not know the ins and outs of the company. This article is a short DirecTV review, and hopefully it will provide some insights and allow you to make optimal decisions about your provider.

The Benefits

DirecTV is one of the few providers that is available everywhere in the US (even Hawaii and Alaska!), so unlike traditional cable, no matter where you are, you can get a signal (with some caveats, see “The Disadvantages”).

It has a very diverse array of content, so you’re sure to never get bored. More recently, the company has added the Genie system to its hardware setup. This allows the user to record up to 1TB of shows and come back to watch them later. This is enough storage space for a large amount of content, even in High Definition. This technology can also record up to five shows at once, so you do not have to make a choice among shows to record.


DirecTV also has two specialties many companies do not have (such as their competitor DISH). First, they offer 3D programming. Of course, this can only be viewed if you have a compatible device, and only through a few selected channels. Second, they offer the NFL Sunday Ticket, the only way to legally view all your favorite NFL teams’ games.

Perhaps another drawing factor is the fact that the contract rate you receive upon registration is good for twelve months. This alleviates concerns about sudden skyrocketing in prices that can occur when some other companies acquire new channels.

While the Sunday Ticket is perhaps the most popular sports league subscription, it should also be noted that DirecTV offers many other guaranteed access sports subscriptions through other leagues, such as the NHL.

Finally, there are many channels and on-demand content available from DirecTV in the form of mobile apps that allow you access to parts of your television subscription on the go, wherever you have internet access.

Now that you’ve heard about some of the benefits, let’s take a look at some parts of the service that are not as desirable.

The Disadvantages

One disadvantage is inherent in the fact that DirecTV is a satellite provider. As you may know, storms or even high winds can disrupt satellite signal more easily than if you received television through cable. You should especially take this into account if you live in a windy area or an area prone to severe storms.

While DirecTV does offer a twelve month price guarantee, this is a double-edged sword. The company also requires each new member to sign a two year contract. This means that once you start service, you cannot cancel it without incurring additional fees. Perhaps this is due to the material investment the company makes.

The last disadvantage of the service is that you must allow the company to put a satellite dish somewhere around your home in order to receive the signal.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this review has answered some of your questions about DirecTV and allows you to make the best satellite tv choice for you and your family!