Facts About DISH Anywhere App Making It Popular

Facts About DISH Anywhere App Making It Popular

Watching your favorite TV channels has never been this easy as it is with DISH Anywhere app. Developed by Dish Network, the app offers the user ability to watch live the satellite TV at home or anywhere on your Android device. The app offers an array of highly advanced features such as live streaming, live programming guide, Hopper DVR integration, offline viewing and more. It’s a great app that will definitely change the way you enjoy your favorite TV programs by allowing to streaming everything while on the go.

Streaming TV on you Gadget

You no longer need to be at home early to enjoy your favorite TV Program since DISH Anywhere allows to watch anything everything while on the go. The application integrates with both the Hopper HD DVR and also the latest Sling technology to deliver live streaming or recorded shows mobile device. With this app, it doesn’t matter the location, but you can watch anything anywhere anytime. You’ll definitely love the app’s latest features that will take your satellite TV viewing experience to a higher level.

Downloading the App

The app is available on the major online platform, i.e., iTunes and Google Play Store. Just download it from these platforms and complete the installation process. The next step is linking the app with your DISH account, and you enjoy full programming directly on your android gadget. The app will integrate with Hopper HD DVR (sling-powered) to allow the watching shows from anywhere, anytime.

App’s Standout Features

The app offers the user a complete DVR management to allow you to manage recording conflicts, schedule recording of your favorite TV programs, delete shows and more. With this app, you can also enjoy on-demand movies streaming something that most of the rival products have been unable to achieve. Here are features that stand out:

  • Electrical Programming Guide

Well, this is one of the features that you’ll love about this app. Apart from full DVR and the on-demand functions, the app also comes with an integrated electronic programming guide that enables the user to view up to seven-day programming schedule. The feature also allows you search for sports, shows, and movies.

  • Offline Viewing Mode

Well, are you too busy that you can watch your favorite program when it’s airing? DISH Anywhere app have you covered with its offline viewing mode. This feature allows for the importation of the recorded programs stored on you Hopper HD DVR and saves them on your Android gadget, e.g., tablet or smartphone. That simply means that you can view the recordings even in areas without internet connections.

New Features/Updates

Apart from the features listed above, the app comes with updated new features. Here are some of the new updates:

  • Customised Profile for Each User

This update allows the user to create their own profile and use it while watching TV. The profiles allow for customisation where the user can include things like the new program, recently watched programs, or your favorite watch list to remind the movies and shows to watch.

Facts About DISH Anywhere App Making It

  • Personalized Recommendations

This a feature that’s mostly designed for the households with varying tastes. The features allow each member of the house enjoy viewing shows and programs according to what interests them. It’s a popular feature with homes with teenagers or just roommates with varying tastes. Another add-on you will like about the app is the remote functioning that allows for the control of DISH’s satellite by the use of the app.

  • Improved Tablet Interface

DISH Anywhere is being improved for Android tablets and iPad. The user interface allows you to locate new programs. This is definitely the best experience you’ve ever had before.

Cons and Pros

Just like any other product in the market, DISH Anywhere app has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Automatic setup
    • Intuitive programming guide
    • Built-in search engine
    • Ability watch on-demand, recorded and watch live programs


  • Needs Fast internet Connection
    • It takes time to transfer and convert files


DISH Anywhere is an app that will transform the way you enjoy satellite TV. It’s an application that will take your TV from the house to your hands everywhere you go. Whether you are traveling, shopping or just killing time, you can still enjoy your satellite TV subscription. The applications come with fantastic features that make it stand out from rivals. You’ll be impressed particularly by the electronic programming guide and offline viewing mode features. Most DISH Anywhere app reviews rate it positively. It’s an application worth trying.