Sling TV Is Cannibalizing DISH

It was back in January 2015, when Sling TV premiered, and within no time, they have had anywhere between 500,000 and 600,000 subscribers. Currently, DISH Network began charging $20 for approximately two dozen channels available through their extravagant Sling TV service. Despite the great difference between the average billing of Sling TV subscribers and DISH’s regular satellite TV subscribers, they merged the two services. Unfortunately, over the course of last year, they ended losing 81,000 subscribers.

If it was not for their Sling TV subscribers, that number would be much higher. While companies like Comcast began rising in the pay-TV market, DISH’s satellite business had encountered an insurmountable barrier. Even though Sling TV is one of DISH’s own offerings, services like these have ravaged the market for traditional TV services, including DISH Network themselves.

An Innovation Or A Mistake?

DISH CEO had initially believed that Sling TV would help their existing business move forward, but is now certain that their own service “will cannibalize [their] business.” Then again, DISH Network would currently be worse off if they did not have their Sling TV subscribers.

Sling TV is the first live streaming TV service in the nation, which definitely makes it innovative. Soon after Sling TV’s debut, a similar service was also released by Sony that is only available in particular cities at the same price as tradition cable bundles with considerably more channels. Comcast also introduced their own streaming package exclusively to Comcast Internet subscribers, which included HBO and broadcast networks.

According to reports, even is working on a streaming service that will offer a limited bundle of channels. Even Apple wishes to head in a similar direction with their own streaming service, but they have apparently run into a wall with their endeavors. The bad news for Amazon, Apple and Sony is that they do not have any television business at the moment. It is less costly for companies like Comcast and DISH Network to enter the pay-TV market and compete against each other with services like Sling TV.

How Has Sling TV Affected DISH’s Business?

DISH Network’s average revenue per subscriber had risen in 2015 even though they are charging merely $20 per month for Sling TV. Apparently, DISH is losing satellite business as a result of the growth of Sling TV, which means that average revenue per subscriber can be expected to dwindle. DISH’s CEO believes that better ad revenue will make up for the decline in billing revenue, since it is possible to tailor digital ads to different viewers.

However, it is actually feasible for DISH to offer Sling TV at a competitive price and 1-month free trial. DISH’s customer acquisition and operation expenses have declined by 15% as of 2015. They no longer have to spend on sending trucks, installing satellites, providing and setting up set-top boxes in order to acquire customers.

At the same time, it is proving challenging to scale the service. Unlike VOD, live TV subscribers tend to be less tolerable when it comes to buffering and outages. Sling TV customers were disappointed when they found nothing but blank screens when they attempted to watch the NCAA Basketball Championship through the service. It could potentially cost DISH to prevent such outages from taking place again.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it is not all that difficult for DISH Network adopt $20-per-month customers in place of $100-per-month customers, considering that they are the biggest tech company in the world. Above all, they will be able to retain their subscribers instead of just losing them.

Best Satellite TV Providers

In actual sense, there are only two major players in the Satellite Television business. They are Dish Network and DirecTV.

1. DISH Network

DISH is one of the best satellite TV provider that offers competitive pricing in each of their seven plans.

DISH offers both Satellite TV and Satellite Internet. Dish Network is more affordable than its close competitor in the industry DIRECTV. DISH Network is loaded with several features and packages which includes music, movies, sport, live shows among others.

There are several benefits of using the DISH Network which includes an up-to-date technology in digital video recording with its Hopper TM brand.

The DISH viewing plan starts at $19.99 per month for the basic package and up to $89.99 monthly for the most extensive TV package. It is a fact to conclude that each of these plans is affordably priced particularly when compared with plans with several other Cable TV providers.

DISH has 320 Channels and offer better value compared to DIRECTV. The Dish Network has 52 Music Channels and 60 Sirius Satellite Radio Channels. DISH Network offers 75 Pay per view movies per month as well as several pay per view sports and special events. The dish network has a total of 7 channels dedicated to sports.

DISH Network surpasses DIRECTV in terms of number of international packages offered. The International packages offered by Dish Network includes African, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese among others.

Dish Network offers free equipment and installation in residential apartments depending on the credit rating of the customer as well as free DVR and HD receiver.

2. DirecTV

DIRECTV is a highly rated satellite TV provider due to its impressive programming and good DVR selection. Another factor that is responsible for the popularity of DIRECTV is its nationwide availability.

The Satellite TV provider features On Demand Movies, a growing selection of 3D content, pay-per-view and a high technology capacity in dynamic mobile viewing.

One of the reasons why DIRECTV is so popular with sport fans is that it is the only TV provider via which you can access the NFL Sunday ticket. DIRECTV offers 99% signal reliability. The Satellite TV has 285 channels to choose from and it offers more packages than the Dish Network. They also offer several shows and movies from HBO, Stars and Cinemax.

DIRECTV offers several subscription plans ranging from $34.99 to $99.99 per month depending on the customer’s chosen subscription plan.

The satellite television allows you to choose from several choice quality DVRs and it also offers the most advanced optio in performance because of the highly effective Genie.

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The Genie stands out in the satellite television industry in terms of performance and popularity. The Genie allows you to record as much as five shows at once and also enables you to store several hours of TV programming without worrying about storage capacity. The Genie has a storage capacity of 1TB. DIRECTV has several International packages which includes Chinese, Greek, Italian, Filipino, Russian, Polish among others.

One noticeable quality of DIRECTV is that it has wider coverage than the Dish Network. It also has more full time HD Channels compared to the Dish Network.

Wrap Up

Both satellite providers have pros and cons.  It truly comes down to money and perhaps football.  If the latter, then DIRECTV is your pick.  If not, then toss a coin and pick one of the two!

DISH Network Review

DISH Network has become a popular name in the world of satellite television in recent years. Much of this is thanks to the variety of programming options and DVRs it offers. However, there are a few drawbacks that must be addressed as well as they can often entail some big charges depending on what the customer orders.

Basic Points

DISH Network has become a popular contender in the world of satellite television thanks to how it offers a large variety of channels. There are close to 300 different channels for people to look forward to including various movie channels, local sports channels and a variety of family-oriented channels.

Dish offers these channels to people all around the country. These include people in rural areas that might not have easy access to cable networks. It only takes a simple satellite dish and receiver to get things going.

A Variety of DVRs

The DVR choices that people have to choose from when looking for DISH programming are extensive. Dish offers a number of DVR options that can handle HD signals and hours of programming.

The Hopper line of DVRs is the most noteworthy set to look for. This line can record up to six HD networks during primetime hours and can link up to four television sets through smaller receivers called Joeys. Hopper models can handle up to 2 TB of data as well, thus ensuring that people will not be at much of a risk of running out of programming thanks to this model.

Good Packages

The packages that are available from DISH include a variety of options that cater to all sorts of interests that people have. These include packages that are available for as little as $20 per month.

People can choose to order different premium network packages as well. These include packages for HBO and Showtime. Sports subscription packages are also available including MLB Extra Innings, a service that gives people access to every baseball game in the season.

What Issues Are There?

While there are plenty of positives involving DISH Network, there are a few issues. For instance, the deals that are available require people to sign into two-year contracts that are not too easy to break out of. The introductory rates are only good for about a year as well, thus resulting in higher charges that can total close to a hundred dollars per month depending on what appears here.


Also, there’s a need to get a satellite dish installed on a proper space on the property to ensure that the signals for all of one’s networks can be received. Also, there are times when weather conditions and flares can make it to where the signals that come from the satellite may not be easy to get into.

Also, not all channels from DISH are in HD. About 200 of the 300 or so channels that Dish has to offer are actually in HD. There are no 3D channels available either.


Overall, DISH Network is an appealing option to look forward to when finding a good television option. This service is efficient for all regions and provides people with the freedom to watch and record television from all spaces around the house. The Hopper DVR series is especially valuable and worthwhile for those with larger properties that want to enjoy television on everyone’s own terms.