DIRECTV vs. DISH The Guide to choosing the best

DIRECTV vs. DISH The Guide to choosing the best

So, you have finally taken the decision of going with a satellite television provider and now the big confusion is do I opt for DIRECTV or DISH. Needless to say, both these companies provide similar packages, but there are some striking differences between them. If you are hunting for specifics as a subscriber to each provider, then you have certainly landed at the right place. In our DIRECTV vs. DISH review, we give a detailed rundown of their benefits and drawbacks and comparison in terms of pricing and hardware.

Weighing the pros of cons of DIRECTV vs. DISH is very difficult as they offer very similar programming packages. However, there are a few notable differences that can influence your decision to pick one service over the other. Now, each provider offers more than 290 available channels, 200 high definition channels, complete access to all the programs broadcasted locally along with 4K Ultra HD support system. Although this is a whole lot in common, but you can pick one over the other depending on preferences of viewing. One notable difference between the two can be spotted in the packages of the sports category they offer. Channels like MLB extra innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, Fox Soccer Plus, MLS Direct Kick and ESPN Game Plan are common to both. Common Pay TV options like NFL Red Zone and Fox Sports are also included among the packages of both the providers. However, DISH’s unique ranges of sports collection includes Racetrack television network and Outdoor sports. On the other hand DIRECTV has exclusive rights on NFL Sunday ticket that telecast every game of the regular NFL season. Well, DIRECTV is surely a winner at this point. However, it should be noted that each of these packages are only costly add-ons to their regular packages.


When we compared the basic packages from DIRECTV and DISH, we came to the conclusion that the Select package from DIRECTV is surely better. It offers more channels and they are better and superior than DISH’s Smart Pack. However, for the premium packages, we have to go with DISH. It includes all the popular channels from premium package of DIRECTV, but at a lesser price. But, if you want HBO, Starz and Showtime on your list, then we suggest opting for DIRECTV. It also boasts the most number of HD channels like ABC Family HD and Disney Channel HD while DISH fails to do so.

Last but not the least, the language supported by both the providers varies a lot. While DISH supports 29 different languages such as Tagalog, Urdu, Spanish and Italian, DIRECTV only offers 8 options. They include Brazilian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Filipino, South Asian and Vietnamese.

With DIRECTV, you get the flavor of NFL Sunday Ticket, albeit with an extra subscription cost. So, if you are looking for content rather than a specific language need as covered by DISH, we suggest going for DIRECTV.

In our DIRECTV vs. DISH hardware review, DISH’s Hopper comes with the capacity to save up to 500 hours of HD content if you are willing to shed out a monthly fee of $12. On the other hand, DIRECTV’s Genie offers 200 hours of HD programming at a monthly rate of $15. Furthermore, DISH’s Hopper comes with the provision of expanding internal storage with the use of USB devices. If you are not storing dozens of shows, DISH definitely scores our point for the day. We also came across a number of differences in the number of devices and streams the two boxes are built to support. With the DISH’s Hopper, you can connect up to seven TV’s, in a single setting and it enables 16 simultaneous recordings. When we go to the other side, DIRECTV’s Genie, supports a maximum of 8 TV’s, but allows only five recordings simultaneously. You need to connect mobile devices to the Genie to access Wi-Fi network. DISH’s Watch Anywhere does not come with such restrictions and you can view the same content anywhere you want.

To put it short and simply — DISH’s Hopper allows easy access to a number of devices and content. While DIRECTV offers a number of features like home security options and picture —in-picture own, DISH certainly carries our day for better hardware. For this reason, you simply need to evaluate your priorities in order to know which of the to would work for you.