Choosing the TV Service Provider that’s Right for You

At first glance, choosing a TV service package doesn’t seem like a hard decision. All you need is a provider that offers your favorite channels at a low price–right? But in today’s modern world, multiple service providers are competing for your business, each with a wide range of features geared toward different budgets and lifestyles. And within those individual services is a range of packages that offers different channels at various rates. With so much choice, how do you decide? Many customers limit their selection to three of the biggest providers: Comcast vs. DirecTV vs. Dish Network. But even those limited options leave you with countless options and features to choose from How do you decide which service provider is right for you? 
For many customers, price is the biggest factor. You want a provider that gives you the channels you need without breaking your budget. Fortunately, each provider offers a range of packages, each with different prices. The cheapest is Dish Network‘s Welcome Pack, with over 40 channels for $19.99. If you don’t watch a lot of TV or if you’re happy with the basic channels, this is the package for you Comcast offers a similar package: the Digital Economy package, with 45+ channels for $29.99. If you want the lowest price, you’ll have to decide if you want Dish Network‘s basic package or if you want to pay extra for more variety. Unlike the other providers, DirecTV has no such offer–their rates start at $46.99 for 125+ channels. This seems more expensive–and it is–but it also offers more options for your money. If you just want the basics, try browsing each provider’s website to see what channels you’ll find in their cheapest packages. 

When searching for a TV provider, variety in pricing is also a factor. Budgets can change, and you want to make sure you can always get a good deal while staying with the same provider. Dish Network offers the most choices, with seven different package ranging from $19.99 to $89.99. The varied prices ensure that there’s a package for every budget. But so many options can also be a bit overwhelming, especially when some contain only a $5 difference. Comcast simplifies the process by offering only four choices, with the prices ranging from $29.99 to $69.99. With six options, DirecTV falls somewhere in the middle, with the lowest price being $49.99 and the highest reaching $126.99. The prices increase in small increments, sometimes as low as $5, making it easy to upgrade when you’ve got a little more cash on hand. In the end, it’s up to you to decide. More choices can mean more freedom, but fewer choices makes it easier to make a decision. 
Another consideration is the number of channels that you’ll receive with each package. Dish Network offers the most channels, with the America’s “Everything” Package offering over 320 channels for $89.99. If you’re a TV lover, this might seem like the best option for you But you might want to ask yourself–am I really going to watch all these channels, or am I paying more for a package that I don’t need? If that’s the case, you might want to opt for one of the smaller packages, or go with Comcast or DirecTV instead. Each network offers a variety of channel options to suit your lifestyle. You might find that you’re satisfied with 100 channels, or maybe you need a 200-channel package for more variety. Or maybe you’re happy with the basic 40 channels. Whatever the case, there’s a package that meets your needs. 
But these aren’t the only considerations. In addition to the TV channels, your provider might offer additional technology and features, like a DVR that allows you to record your TV shows and watch them at your convenience. All three providers offer this service, but Dish Network‘s Hopper gives customers the most options and storage space. Another popular feature is HD (high-definition) channels, which gives you the best picture quality as long as your TV has HD capabilities. Most modern TVs come with this functionality, but you might not find it in older models. All three service providers offer HD channels, though Dish Network and DirecTV charge an extra $10 each month. Make sure you research each provider to see what they have to offer, and find out if they charge any extra fees. 
In today’s modern age, we have so many entertainment options that it’s often hard to make a decision. But if you do your research and plan out a budget, you’ll be able to choose the TV provider that fits your needs. The flexibility in packages and pricing make it easy for anyone to get service. Once you’re ready, just contact the provider and let them know that you’re ready to sign up. It won’t be long before you’re exploring the wealth of options that your new service has to offer!